Here you’ll find resources to learn how to take responsibility for your own well-being, shaping your life, and familiarizing with your own mind.

Coach, mindfulness instructor, mom of 3 kids. My commitment is to help you become who you want to be, take responsibility for your wellbeing, familiarize with your mind and fully savor moments of happiness.


Mindfulness practice helps us familiarize with our mind, cultivate our well-being, and live intentionally and freely.


Coaching is about taking time and space to gain clarity on what’s important for you, why. Coaching helps you understand who you want to be and what actions you need to take to get there.


The MBSR – Mindfulness based stress reduction program is for those who want to learn techniques and practices to reduce the impact of stress on their health and the quality of their life.


I design and facilitate programs to improve your well-being, give you tools to live mindfully, parent with joy and be the person you want to be. I teach mindfulness curricula that will help you to transform your life. Browse through the list of my proposals.

Women on a Journey

A community of women that will help you take care of yourself consistently. Women like you who want to lead with compassion, clarity and purpose. Together we engage in practice that support our evolution and growth.

Women on journey


What people say about me…

Silvia is an extraordinary coach, she is one of the most patient and compassionate, heart-centered people that I have ever met. I have been fortunate enough to meet Silvia in a moment of my life when I felt the need to develop a deeper connection to my true self and find an authentic way of living my life. She has given me the spot-on support I needed going through this personal transition. Silvia has helped me grow as a person and as a parent. Being a quite rational and analytical person, over a period of several weeks, I learned to be more connected to my feelings/emotions and accept them as they are with consciousness.

The Conscious Parenting coaching she offers took me to a completely different approach to almost any of the parenting methods I have personally seen and thus far it opened my husband and me up to a whole different perspective: it gave our kids a voice we weren’t aware we were not giving them. She is very intelligent and there is no doubt she gets parenting and the challenges that modern families face. She attentively listened to our concerns, encouraged our efforts, and helped us focus on our family goals, and gave us solid tools to help us through our challenges My experience with Silvia has been transformational and she comes with my strongest recommendation for those seeking to engage with a life/parent/professional coach of the highest quality!

Valentina, European Investment Bank

Silvia enabled me to value myself as a parent. I felt energized after our sessions and have a better understanding of what I need to do to make my family and our relationships stronger. Silvia has given me the tools to build a healthier, more fulfilling family life. My children, my husband and I have benefitted from Silvia’s coaching and our family dynamics reflect that.

Valerie, mother of 2, from Singapore.
I loved working with Silvia because she sees the positive in people, and it is easy to trust and be open with her. She has a very non-judgmental demeanour which I believe is essential in a coaching relationship.
Ea Laura, mother of 3 kids under the age of 10, Danish
Last winter I decided to start parent coaching with Silvia. I decided to do it because I have three children who are slowly entering pre-adolescence and adolescence and I felt the need to better understand myself and my relationship with them in order to accompany them better in this phase of their lives.

They were intense months, where, thanks to Silvia, I dug into my life, my emotions, my frustrations but also my joys and small satisfactions.  This path made me better understand the personalities of my children and my relationship with them.

Silvia helped me to find new ways of communicating that I was able to put into practice immediately in small everyday situations.  I learned to look at things and situations in a different way, to distance myself a little and to establish a new, more serene and effective relationship with my children.  Silvia has been a very important reference point for me in this phase, I felt listened to, understood and supported at the same time during all the sessions with her and my work independently. It was a unique and beautiful experience, one of the most beautiful and useful things I have done for myself in my life. I now feel stronger and more aware.

Lidia, Mother of 3 kids
Silvia hosted few sessions at Jp Morgan last year in mindfulness, siblings rivalry and positive parenting. She has been very well received, her sessions were interesting, well prepared and had a good interactive component. The general feedback was positive, and parents found them relatable to their day to day life with their kids. Silvia ensured she had all the relevant informations related to the audience to customize the sessions according to what was Required. I would absolutely recommend Silvia.
Antonella De Vincenzo, Vice President, Risk Business Manager at JP Morgan
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