What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means awareness. It is the ability to observe the present moment with curiosity.
We all have the natural ability to live in the present moment but many of us, in order to adapt to the hectic pace of everyday life, have lost the habit to be in this state of presence. Mindfulness is a mental training, a way to familiarize with the our own mind and cultivate attention. Mindfulness is one of the pillars of our mental well-being.
The present is the only moment we have to be ourselves, beyond conditioning, fears, past experiences and habits.

I discovered the practice of mindfulness in 2015, when I experienced its benefits on myself. Since then, I have steadily cultivated my practice, until I decided to share my experience with others. It was the beginning of a training path that led me to teach mindfulness to adults and children.
A natural path, as mindfulness can only be shared and taught by those who practice it. It is founded on values that must be embodied as an integral part of those who teach it.

The benefits of mindfulness practice

Research on Mindfulness is vast and robust: there are more than 30 years of studies and publications in major international journals. Year after year there has been an exponential increase in the number of studies demonstrating the beneficial effects that mindfulness meditation can have on human beings and emphasizing the clinical effectiveness on the psychological and relational front. The most accurate studies show that Mindfulness contributes significantly to:

  • generate a sense of calm and mental clarity;

  • help us manage our mental and physiological response to stress;

  • increase our flexibility and ability to manage change and uncertainty.

How can I help you start a mindfulness practice or keep your practice alive and consistent?

Mindfulness teaching caters to individuals, businesses, banks, organizations, children and schools. I offer different programs and curricula tailored to the needs of different environments and contexts. First, I work with my clients to define their needs. Once the goals are clarified, we look for the best way to begin a practice or deepen it.  Mindfulness can be taught to groups in different settings, from the workplace to school, or 1:1 with sessions customized to your needs and time constraints.
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